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I used to be the following : holi has fallen, Porcelain, Miss Argentina
if any of these names ring a bell to you on other sites I am that person.

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  • Schye said:

    Right back at you ♥(3 weeks ago (Feb 2nd, 2018 00:29))

  • mdom said:

    Hello! I'm uh alive xD
    Vaellyth did the profile for me ^^ (4 weeks ago (Jan 26th, 2018 00:28))

  • Damia Flagg said:

    I thought we had already befriend each other. 0_o(1 month ago (Jan 16th, 2018 00:53))

  • SteamPoweredFox said:

    Oh my thank you so much ,you are too sweet <3 <3 <3 (1 month ago (Jan 15th, 2018 23:59))

  • Bubble Yum said:

    Thanks so so much, sweet pea. <3(1 month ago (Jan 15th, 2018 22:26))

  • Fadeykins said:

    Yep, been doing that on both accounts. c:(1 month ago (Jan 13th, 2018 17:22))