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Name's Theory. Some basics about me: I am 24 years of age, agender (they/them pronouns please), pansexual, and polyamorous.

I was a university student for six years. I graduated with a bachelor's degree in discrete mathematics and took one year of master's courses in the same field. I hold two minors in computer science and psychology and have dabbled in various other fields, including biology, education, and statistics. I really love to learn and am interested in practically everything to some degree. I would love nothing more than to go back to school someday.

I am vegan. Have been since 2007, and was a vegetarian before that, beginning in 2003. Coffee is my favorite beverage. I used to drink about two pots a day but have scaled that back to just a cup or two so I am not completely dependent on caffeine at all hours of the day.

I am an atheist, a socialist, a feminist, an environmentalist, and a lot of other -ists. I am generally a pretty nice person, but if you get to arguing with me about one of the many things I feel passionately about and I start being a dick, let me know. Because one of the things I am most passionate about is not being a dick to people!

I am an avid board and card gamer. Some of my favorite games are Battlestar Galactica, Galaxy Trucker, The Resistance, Coup, and Dominion. My dream career is to work as a board game designer.

I'm an artist by some definition of the word. I'm a jack of many trades and a master of none. My artistic hobbies include photography, writing, and drawing.

I love coding profiles! I have nine years experience in CSS/HTML, and I'm always brushing up and learning new tricks. I may be opening a shop soon so keep an eye out!

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  • Minyaagar said:

    Thanks! :3(3 days ago (Feb 15th, 2018 01:03))

  • Minyaagar said:

    I am liking your avatar! very nicely put together.(3 days ago (Feb 15th, 2018 00:10))

  • mdom said:

    there are rainbow wings in the market!(4 weeks ago (Jan 19th, 2018 19:02))

  • Hevy said:

    I knew that! Totally knew that. Just making sure you knew that. Well, at least about the discreet part... *shifty eyes* That sounds super stressful. What kind of stuff do you do with it?(1 month ago (Jan 9th, 2018 18:08))

  • Hevy said:

    What does discrete math mean? Are you super good at hiding anything math related? Are you a math ninja, where no one sees you math until it's too late? Am I reading that word wrong?(1 month ago (Jan 9th, 2018 17:22))

  • Sagittarius said:

    Nice avatar ^^(2 months ago (Jan 1st, 2018 22:11))