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Hiii! I'm Oliver! :D I'm so happy to be here at Sapherna and helping with this WONDERFUL holiday! It's literally the BEST time of the year, oh my god.

If you EVER want to talk about anything, just ping me! I'll pop on over and give you all of the love.

You should totally kick Elijah's butt, though. He always tries to bring me down, but I just want to shower him in the holiday spirit!

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  • Dev said:

    Heya! Yeah, it's been a while. I totally forgot about this site for a while. I'm sorry though, who are you again? ; n; My memory is terrible.(2 days ago (Feb 15th, 2018 19:12))

  • Fielkun said:

    *pokes*(1 year ago (Feb 11th, 2017 07:24))

  • AnxiouslyAwkward said:

    You're a cutie. :3(1 year ago (Feb 7th, 2017 15:58))

  • mttegg said:

    Such a cute theme, such a cute avy!(1 year ago (Feb 6th, 2017 21:39))

  • Major said:

    Totally diggin' the heart theme here. B)(1 year ago (Feb 5th, 2017 21:03))

  • Jen said:

    This is an adorable profile theme <3(1 year ago (Feb 5th, 2017 03:21))