About me

Hi, I'm Major! I'm a 28-year-old female who lives in Louisiana. Never underestimate my love for my state... OR ELSE.


I'm usually not very talkative and am a bit of a recluse both on and offline. I speak English, French, and I'm learning Russian.

My avatar may change genders from time to time because I like depicting different characters.

I am also sad, dumpster-diving, Zombie Apocalypse fiction-loving hobo trash, and am beyond help.

Nice to meetcha!

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  • Nyx said:

    Thats good!! I hope it continues!(2 months ago (Dec 8th, 2017 23:58))

  • Nyx said:

    Its okay, its standard lol. How are you?(2 months ago (Dec 5th, 2017 19:52))

  • Nyx said:

    BIT DEPRESSED BUT Y'KNOW THATS LIFE AND STUFF(2 months ago (Dec 3rd, 2017 19:00))

  • Nyx said:

    AM DOIN ART N STUFF(3 months ago (Dec 3rd, 2017 01:16))

  • Nyx said:

    IT WAS A HAY WASSUP(3 months ago (Dec 1st, 2017 20:33))

  • Nyx said:

    GURL(3 months ago (Nov 30th, 2017 20:54))