About me

What'cha lookin' at, punk?
Oh, you want to know a bit about me. Well here goes.
Name is Alex, I'm a 20-something year old who works a dead end job. Taking driving lessons, and spending my time with my paintings and video games. Which reminds me, there's some Battle Front that needs to be played.
Feel free to drop me a line. Though no guarantees that I wont bite.

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  • Theory said:

    The stuff I did was mostly theoretical, but there are applications too, mainly in computer science.(2 months ago (Jan 10th, 2018 00:55))

  • Theory said:

    That would be discreet math, haha. Discrete means, like, split into separate parts, as in functions that aren't continuous. It basically means I do a lot of math specifically with integers.(2 months ago (Jan 9th, 2018 18:00))

  • Bomi said:

    Woh, I just did and sold some bugs! I CAN EARN SOMETHING AHH D: (ty for that tip!)(4 months ago (Oct 29th, 2017 22:42))

  • Bomi said:

    LOL, I make typos all the timeeee I can relate XD
    and I'm stuck being a strawberry cause there's problems with getting my account verified so I can't earn anything LOL (already sent a ticket) (4 months ago (Oct 29th, 2017 22:33))

  • Bomi said:

    Errmigerddd confetti!! * - *
    Awhh thank you so much for the warm welcome! (4 months ago (Oct 29th, 2017 22:23))

  • Pirate said:

    Sick burn!

    Oooooh~ (4 months ago (Oct 20th, 2017 21:40))