About me

Welcome darlings! I am Giselle DuPont, famed fashion designer and international model. I've been requested to be the judge of the new Avatar of the Week contest and though it's far from my usual employment there is nothing I love more than fashion!

I am a very picky woman and will take nothing but the best you have to offer, so don't expect any amount of leniency from me dears! I am a proud professional, even if my beginnings were humble and small.

Growing up in a small village in Sapherna I was always interested in fashion, designing clothes for myself and friends from everything from school to holidays. Eventually I was discovered in a local coffee shop for my designs and soon moved to Sapherna City where I skyrocketed to fame. My career began as a fashion model but quickly developed into me creating my own fashion line.

Enough about me though, all of this is going to be about you and whether or not you have what it takes to be a top model. Avatar of the Week returns the first week in March, so get those stylish avatars ready for me!

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  • Francesco said:

    Very nice avatar!(5 months ago (Oct 11th, 2017 05:19))

  • HoneyBee said:

    thank you very much.(6 months ago (Aug 15th, 2017 18:22))

  • HoneyBee said:

    what's that peice on your avi's forehead?(6 months ago (Aug 14th, 2017 13:28))

  • HoneyBee said:

    ah good point(11 months ago (Mar 26th, 2017 05:22))

  • gumdrop cottoncandy said:

    so the rainbow sash and under bust corset looking thing are those new? don't think I've seen them anywhere yet(11 months ago (Mar 25th, 2017 17:54))

  • HoneyBee said:

    thank you so much, now to just find it.(11 months ago (Mar 23rd, 2017 22:52))