About me

I am Fruity, also known as Cytrus or Citrus Hammer. Stuff I like includes drawing, citrus, gaming (casually), graphic design, running, and surfing the interwebs. Pretty sure I mentioned citrus.

I'm 'Murican, living in Michigan.
29 year old female, born on 7/31.
I have a bachelor's degree in Graphic Design.
Dating my man forever.
My favorite colors are orange and green.
I have two adorable black kitties named Inky and Clyde.
Joined Saphrena on 3/6/16

I'm Also Here
Menewsha | Caedon | Tumblr | Twitter

Games I Play
FFXIV: Volta Fellspell (Jenova)
ACNL Dream Address: 4E00-000F-73C6
3DS: 0001-4322-2306
AC Pocket Camp: 2907 7118 154

Profile Credits
Profile design and background image by me. Coding is technically by Trash Chicken since I followed their profile tutorial.

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  • Tink said:

    I love your avi, Fruity!(1 month ago (Jan 6th, 2018 12:43))

  • Milkii said:

    Awww your avi is cute(2 months ago (Dec 5th, 2017 22:51))

  • Milkii said:

    Omff I love your avatar(7 months ago (Jul 11th, 2017 21:32))

  • Rallaa said:

    Cute outfit(8 months ago (Jun 4th, 2017 15:00))

  • Alia Starchild said:

    Great Googly Gradient, Batman! :O(9 months ago (May 24th, 2017 20:14))

  • Mettaton said:

    Hello darling.(10 months ago (Apr 13th, 2017 05:32))