About me

hi i'm ethylene and i love avatar makers
i'm now also a developer here at sapherna
i'll do my best to put something cool in the site

i'm an artist, singer, programmer, and writer
i'm also just your average 20yo boi
i'm trying my best i swear
also my timezone is GMT+8 so you might find me online at weird times

I have an art thread here
I now also have a ko-fi for if you wanna send some money my way

if I'm not here, I'm probably on my tumblr
feel free to hmu over there

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My Comments

  • Meme Lord Emypony said:

    Am I too late ouo?(3 weeks ago (Feb 4th, 2018 13:36))

  • TheArachne said:

    My Demons, What is yours ?(3 weeks ago (Feb 2nd, 2018 19:23))

  • TheArachne said:

    Yurp(3 weeks ago (Feb 2nd, 2018 18:00))

  • Ink Glitched said:

    Thank you ^_^(3 weeks ago (Feb 2nd, 2018 01:14))

  • Fielkun said:

    Hello! Kamusta kabayan? XD(2 months ago (Jan 5th, 2018 21:27))

  • SirLionelNigelConrad said:

    If it is made with real fruit, how do we know their idea of real is the same as ours?(2 months ago (Dec 29th, 2017 21:47))