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Hey, I'm Austin
22 || they/them

I do art sometimes, and I'm working on a novel. Well, I'm working on a few novels at once, actually, which is probably bad for my productivity but I can never seem to focus on one thing for too long. But hey, at least it's fun! :v

I'm very shy and easily startled by loud noises, not unlike a wild deer.

Apparently I was the 2,300th user to sign up. What a nice, round number. I love things like that.

"I'll probably do something nice with this profile later," I said, when I signed up over two years ago.

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  • Hats said:

    Studying computer science? :D I just graduated with my degree. What kind of stuff are you interested in?(2 years ago (Jan 9th, 2016 04:42))

  • Macy Mae said:

    i am buahahah (2 years ago (Dec 16th, 2015 02:56))

  • Macy Mae said:

    -steals your first comment- i'm also a certified comment theif :D(2 years ago (Dec 15th, 2015 17:09))