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I'm Beeline, but you can call me Bee.

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  • Bill Cipher said:

    Too late for that, just got worse. Just waisted a night trying to fix this. I can't even relax anymore. I miss the people I'll never talk to again. Can't do anything,(4 weeks ago (Jan 26th, 2018 13:35))

  • Bill Cipher said:

    Among other things. This week started off good. Guess in the end there's just no hope. I give up.(4 weeks ago (Jan 25th, 2018 23:02))

  • Bill Cipher said:

    Wish I could say better but everything's gone do downhill. Comp doesn't work and I needed it to work yesterday. Everyplace wants to charge me an amount I don't have. Hand's bothering me on and off(4 weeks ago (Jan 25th, 2018 23:01))

  • minni said:

    thank u so much! i likes urs too, especially the face/head(3 months ago (Nov 15th, 2017 21:41))

  • mdom said:

    wait, no, you did xD(3 months ago (Nov 14th, 2017 20:44))

  • Bill Cipher said:

    In a day. XD How're you?(3 months ago (Nov 13th, 2017 12:17))