News: AOTW Winner - Magical Girl!

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It was simply lovely to see all the magical girls running around Sapherna defending our lovely home.

@Lee: Congratulations!!!

In the end, I finally settled on Lee This avatar symbolizes the Champion of Justice from their cute sleek look to the magical powers they in their hand.

Our theme for this week is Idol! Do you have what it takes to be a pop sensation? This week's submission time will end on Sunday at 5pm EST to make up for the time lost.

If you think you have what it takes to become next winner of Avatar of the Week, check out the AoTW thread to review the rules and learn how to submit your avatar.

We are always looking for Guest Judges! If you'd like to have a hand in picking the winner of AotW, simply send me a message titled "Guest Judge", and you'll be added to our guest list!

Ciao for now! xoxo
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@lee: I LOVE IT!

InkGlitched said:

«Ink Glitched Art»00o
«Deviant: InkGlitched»oo0
«rp search»

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@lee: greaat job, they are lovely.
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@lee: u snatched my win bro
Image - by Lost Tears
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@Lee: Congrats!! Amazing Avi~
Image Made by: Tuijp <3
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Aww thats a cute one. Congrazzles! I like it a lot :3 now I want to make a magical girl
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Thank you guys :'D

@Ink Glitched: Thank you ♥ Congrats on AOTM!

@mdom: it is naht true
i did naht snatch it i did naaaht
o hi mark
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@Lee: Congrats!! It was super cute, totally deserved 0: Honoured to have lost to you!
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@lee: thank you too.^_^

It'll be a lot more fun with you!

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