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@Mimzy: I'm glad that you at least tried to bring the subject to light and offer feedback. It's always hard to do that sort of thing, especially to a group of people rather than just one person. And I'm sorry your experience was like that. I have had the same and do wish it was different. I can't say why I still come back to the site and continue to offer my feedback when it ever rarely is accepted, but I suppose I'm stubborn and passionate. Time will tell if things will work out, so here is to hoping they will!
Opinions are not facts, but they are valid. Never believe that they aren't.
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It's very easy to give feedback. It's difficult when people get what they want and then complain about it. You can't please everyone, and some people just want to watch stuff burn.
You should quote me when responding.

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@SirLionelNigelConrad: i love you~

For real tho, I admit I was irritated but hey the items are flawless and yall have been doing well with deadlines lately.
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@SirLionelNigelConrad: Trust me dude, Francesco doesn't want the site to burn lol
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I'm not sure why I need to trust when I never accused any individual. They already know who they are and more people know than they think.
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You certainly can't please everyone, but I think some people easily forget who they are when they are in a place of power. Sites like these thrive on critique and feedback because the site is made up of the patrons in it. If those patrons are asking for something that is easily fixed, why would you refuse to give it to them? Sapherna has always turned away from criticism from the early days up until now. Every decent feedback thread I have ever seen has always either ended up in a crash-and-burn or has been locked without a proper response or proper action. And a great deal of these issue arise from the way staff treat users.

And a user shouldn't have to feel like they can't disagree in the slightest against the owner or staff. There is nothing wrong with being annoyed about something. There is no need to retract a statement or tip-toe around it and say you still love the site. There is nothing wrong with having an opinion. I think people view opinions as black and white-- either you love the site or you hate the site, you agree with everything or you agree with nothing. And that is just NOT the case.

To the few staffers listening and taking the feedback to heart in a positive and constructive way, I thank you so very much. I hope you realize I'm not being malicious or think I know everything. I don't. But I do have opinions and I know some aspects of Sapherna are some aspects I just do not enjoy. And as a forum based website meant to allow for interaction through communication, I think it only fair I'm allowed to say something that is honest, but not antagonistic. I care about the site, thus I do not leave the site. But just because you love something doesn't mean it is perfect and, furthermore, doesn't mean it can't be improved. There is always another way, there is always more time, there is always a chance. Take it and succeed or leave and don't.

But, I will digress because this is not a feedback thread and we are getting far off topic. All I can say is, behave and think the way you choose, that is your complete and honest right. However, don't expect any decent people to stick around.
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@Nyx: You were saying?
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@SirLionelNigelConrad: I dont see how any of that is wanting the site to burn, but to each their own dude
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@Nyx: The lady doth protest too much, methinks
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I think honestly anyone has their own opinion and as such is just that. Some just tend to be more vocal than others. -shrugs-there is nothing wrong with it either way people are just that-people. It just depends on who is willing to lend their ears- or rather their eyes, and respond accordingly.

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