News: The Saphernan Leaflet [March] (New Pg2)

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thank you so much for such awesome TYI's 'buys lots of the princess one to dress up her girl in'
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Thank you for the update. The new items are wonderful.
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Omg five colors of doge o:
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@Hevy: That is definitely a fair argument, I agree. However, I think it would benefit activity to have set days for major items such as TYIs. Personally, I always check at the first of the month to most of the avatar sites I frequent soley based on the assumption that new items should be released. And it all around seems more professional to be consistent.

As long as items come out between the 1st and the 5th-- as per Fawn's statement, I don't see a huge problem with them not being on the same day.

But, the new items looks good. Nice job guys.
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@Paranoia: 50 shades of doge
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@LittleWhiteDragonlet: lmfao oh my god that sounds horribly twisted
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@Milkii: but imagine: it's just the doge meme but in 50 different breed-standard colors lmao
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@Milkii: your avi is amaze
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The items this month are interesting. Personally, I'm liking the one Beeline did, however, I must admit, Lost is starting to match the sites style a bit better. Keep up the work you two.

@francesco: I brought this issue up quite some time ago. And pointed out how it would be beneficial to the site as a whole. Unfortunately, it didn't really change a whole lot. I've since given up on trying to give feedback overall on the issue/site as a whole, due to the fact that it's not really ever actually heard, but more of feared I feel.
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