News: The Saphernan Leaflet [March] (New Pg2)

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3 weeks ago (Mar 2nd, 2018 21:22) View Profile | Offline
@Milkii: well i mean, usually the leaflet is out on the fifth to allow time for the tyis to be uploaded, so it being early screws everything up I guess?
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@Nyx: Actually, our leaflet is normally released on the first or second of every month. ^_^
That's the normal routine. There are some thing going on behind the scenes but the item will be up on the donate page as soon as we can.
3 weeks ago (Mar 2nd, 2018 21:29) View Profile | Offline
@Milkii: Also in quick response to you, I'm sorry you feel that way. I wish there was a way to convince you that this is more rare than you think. In fact this is probably the first time in a good 5-6 months that we've been late on items.
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Regardless of whether it was put out on the first or second, more often than not, the leaflet (whether that be the Sapherna or the item) is usually only partially filled out/completed with items rarely ever in the shops upon initial posting. Which is rather annoying and unnecessary, in my opinion.

I'd also like to point out that I find it odd you apologized to Milkii on how she felt, but Nyx was a straight up "nope, not like that". I think you should treat every user the same, however you feel about them or how they respond, especially since you are tagged as Human Resources. We should be able to come to you for help and not feel treated any different from other users. Again, my personal opinion.

But, onto the actual content of the leaflet. I really enjoy the TYI that is up. It's very well done and that dog is such a nice touch. It's definitely the best part about it (but that isn't to say the rest of it isn't good). It is items like these that really make me want to donate, ahaha.

All in all, I'm glad to see the leaflets trying to make it out on the first or second of the month. I just hope you'll take into consideration how we feel about it, however small our arguments may seem. We point these things out because we care and want this place to learn and grow, not because we want to poke at you or make you feel bad. And I honestly feel sad that I have to state this at the end of my post just because I'm afraid you guys will take it as pure hate instead of warranted and fair constructive criticism.
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@Tink: I get that things go on just being all selfish n excited haha~ So eager to get these ♡ lovve yall and everything you do for the site :)
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Wow! I love the Momotaro Set. Must have it!

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3 weeks ago (Mar 3rd, 2018 21:37) View Profile | Offline
@Francesco: to be fair tho, the staff do extend times on items if they get out into the donation centre too late. Which is nice. (I'm talking about those November or what not tyis. They were placed in late and were given a few days extra into the next month.)
That being said, I do agree with it being frustrating to see an incomplete update. I haven't noticed it often, but if staff know there's going to be an incomplete update they could just wait. There's always an option to make a topic (locked or not) explaining that there will be a delay! Otherwise, not everyone will see the updates!

And with that said, I'd like to say welcome to the new staffer!
I am also super excited for the next event. It sounds like we will be time traveling! Hopefully we can buy up some of the older event items just like the vday event! Fingers crossed.
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3 weeks ago (Mar 4th, 2018 18:53) View Profile | Offline
As of right now, the Peach Princess TYI is available on the donate page!
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Aww its so pretty
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