News: The Saphernan Leaflet [March] (New Pg2)

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March's Leaflet
All of our main updates and information will always be located in the Announcement forums, be sure to look back, as you may have missed something! Stay tuned and keep reading for the fun stuff!


March Thank You Items
Thank you Beeline and LittleWhiteDragonlet!


Thank you, Beeline!

Peach Princess

Available Now!

TYIs will always be up for at least 1 month after their release.

For mail in donation inquiries please private message Fawn. PayPal allows alternate non-PayPal credit and debit purchases, as well as gift card.

If you have made a donation to Sapherna within the past six months and never received your "I Donated!" ribbon on your posts, please send a private message to Fawn.


Mini Development Updates


Fawn recently changed the way we view items in shops.
Instead of them ordering by alphabetical color name, we're now having them order by shade so you have an easier time picking out our newer color shades.

Any older items that have not been reuploaded to fill the current palette will not represent these changes.
Please bear with us as we begin the process of filling them in.
We will give updates as we finish them. :)

We currently have a glitch involving bugs in trades. See more information here.[/b]

Also, item sellback has been disabled for the time being. See more information here.

Fawn ~ Shops storefronts may be receiving a small layout update within the next few leaflets.
TheGreatNate ~ Working on self site hosted email application.
Ethylene ~ Investigating and working with the Quote Button.
Hats ~ Completing and cleaning up user titles since code is existent but needs adjustment.

Stay tuned for our St.Patrick's Day event, and "Back to the Past" event, coming soon!


Staff-Team Updates
Please give a warm welcome to...
as they join our team as a Pixelist!

Sapherna Is Hiring!
We're in need of moderators, pixelists, developers and storyliners!

We'll always keep our application thread up to date so you know what we're always looking for!
We hope to see your application. :)

If at this time you have still not received a Discord message from Fawn about a pending application, please PM her with any inquiries.


Helpful Links

Staff List
As always, if you have any questions about which users are staff please visit here.

Official Sapherna Tutorials
We keep all of our official Sapherna tutorials here! Let us know if we're ever missing anything!

Social Media

Be sure to check out our social media pages often for the most recent updates!

If you have any questions or comments please post them below!

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I'm gunna buy so many TYIs
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curious to the blast from the past event!

InkGlitched said:

«Ink Glitched Art»00o
«Deviant: InkGlitched»oo0
«rp search»

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@Ink Glitched: Same
Hope I get to see my little bunnies for the easter event!
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-Shop- Avis-

"It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live" - J.K. Rowling
I'm a tyi dealer
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@Schye: Puppers for everyone!
They're good dogs, Brent.
Definitely not a bunch of bees in a human suit.
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I'm happy cause there be a purple pupper for me haha
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Love the new TYI thats shown, but why would you announce and show them before they're even purchasable? That seems a bit unfair tbh
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@Nyx: cuz then people would complain about them not being in the leaflet /not having a leaflet :x
catch 22 situation ig. im lowkey annoyed they arent out in time but i think im used to tht here :/
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