News: AOTW Winner - Natural Beauty!

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All your natural, beautiful avatars were such a joy to see last week. Don't you think we should all take the time to appreciate nature, the sky, the earth, instead of stressing over work all the time?

@HoneyBee: Congratulations!!!

This avatar holds the natural beauty we shold all seek every once in a while. The peace and quiet of simply being one with nature...It's such a wonderful thing, don't you agree?

Our theme for this week is Crazy Avatar, and I can't help but wonder exactly how crazy things in Sapherna will end up this week..

If you think you have what it takes to become next winner of Avatar of the Week, check out the AoTW thread to review the rules and learn how to submit your avatar.

We are always looking for Guest Judges! If you'd like to have a hand in picking the winner of AotW, simply send me a message titled "Guest Judge", and you'll be added to our guest list!

Ciao for now! xoxo
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@HoneyBee: Congrats, darlin!! <3
Bubble Yum is my mule. <3
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Thats super cool. I succ at those type of avis
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oh.. WOW thanks.. I never thought I'd win one of these 'squees'
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@HoneyBee: CONGRATS!!
Image Made by: Tuijp <3
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@DangerousWoman: aww thanks hun i feel on top of the world righ tnow haha.

It'll be a lot more fun with you!

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