News: Avatar Of The Month Winner {January}

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Bonjour, my lovelies! I am quite pleased to announce that, after a week of voting and debate, we have our January Avatar of the Month winner! Simply quite stunning, I must say. Halftars are always amazing to behold, are they not, dear Saphernans?

Everyone, please give a stupendous round of applause to the lovely
@Schye: Congratulations!!!


Congratulations to our winner!

This month, don't forget to check out Avatar of the Week and enter it! This week's theme is Simplistic!

Until next time, darlings!
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so beautiful T^T
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Congratulations Schye. Such a beautiful avatar.
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@Schye: Congrats!!
Image Made by: Tuijp <3
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Congrats Schye.
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Congrats ^^
ping me pls :v
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Congratulations Schye!
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Thanks guys ♥
now I can't enter for another three months ;(
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@Schye: you can enter in spirit!
Good work on the avatar!
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Yay! Biggie congrats!!!

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