News: The Saphernan Leaflet [February]

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3 weeks ago (Feb 1st, 2018 23:02) View Profile | Offline
Awesome items this month! Y'all are killing it!
have fun talkin' shit
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very nice items for this month
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I can honestly say, I'm loving the Floral Maiden, asides from the eyes being just a teensy bit too far apart. However, Love Raptor, though it is a really interesting concept, the style of the shading doesn't quite match up with the site, as well as the shape of the feet is sort of odd, in my opinion. But, I can certainly appreciate the actual concept, as well as the shading on the feathers.

Keep up the good work though.
@beeline: Ping!
@lost tears: Ping!
3 weeks ago (Feb 2nd, 2018 00:45) View Profile | Offline
@Mimzy: Thanks! The eyes actually had a whole face at one point but will be released as shop commons. They were intended to be super innocent and googly looking which isn't everyone's cup of tea but were something a little different from other eyes on the site.
Definitely not a bunch of bees in a human suit.
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3 weeks ago (Feb 2nd, 2018 02:00) View Profile | Offline
@Mimzy: I adore the Love Raptor item, but the shading is a bit different from what we're normally used to. There are a few items in the past that have had interesting shading, such as Dragon Magus (which doesn't have much shading at all-- at least, not at the usual depth) as well as Lively Garden. The new Bohemian Chic hair is a little different too, but I think it's just something of a stylistic choice. They may not match anything perfectly for now, but I'm sure there will be more items with similar shading in the future. :)
( also I can't exactly put my finger on what the item is based on, but I'm sure I'll remember it eventually ;p )
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3 weeks ago (Feb 2nd, 2018 10:43) View Profile | Offline
@Beeline: You're definitely succeeding, keep up the great work!
@Ink Glitched: I agree!
3 weeks ago (Feb 2nd, 2018 10:49) View Profile | Offline
srsly love it!!

also yay for new developer!!
Image - by Lost Tears
3 weeks ago (Feb 2nd, 2018 15:54) View Profile | Offline
@Beeline: they're still v nicely done though, of course! <3
Just the distance apart is what I noticed myself lol Like, if they had been about two pixels closer together, they'd be literally in a perfect position. Tis just my opinion however.
But, that may be because I'm sort of picky now, I've noticed xD

@Schye: As far as shading goes, usually having consistent shading across the site for all the items is ideal, especially for a site that's been established for as long as Saph has been. The biggest thing that I hear from users, as a pixel artist myself, is whenever there's an inconsistent amount of shading throughout all the items, it sort of bothers them, and makes then not want to actually use certain items nearly as much. Plus, the inconsistent shading, also makes for a wonky time when recolourists have to go through and muddle with contrast or the actual gradient itself, so that's sort of why I mention that the shading doesn't quite match. Consistent shading/style = good thing lol Makes it easier for training new artists.
However, with the previous items that don't fully match (some of which were done by Pinster), they matched enough that they still looked good but, with a bit of a twist that actually improved the sites item style overall, honestly. (And by no means am I saying the one Lost Tears made, doesn't look good.)

I figured though, that I'd at least share my opinions on the DI's. I truthfully can appreciate the designs, they're both praise worthy for sure. But, getting feedback is a hella vital thing, honestly, especially when it comes to art, because without that feedback, one won't improve nearly as well as one could improve with, if that makes sense
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That floral maiden is my jam = w = hihi
( ˶˘ ³˘(⋆❛ ہ ❛⋆)!♡
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