News: The Saphernan Leaflet [February]

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3 weeks ago (Feb 1st, 2018 13:19) View Profile | Offline
neat items :)
ho ho ho
3 weeks ago (Feb 1st, 2018 13:21) View Profile | Offline
@Ink Glitched: Was totally gonna be a fairy instead though ;o
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"It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live" - J.K. Rowling
3 weeks ago (Feb 1st, 2018 13:43) View Profile | Offline
@Schye: I tried being some flower fairy idek
pastel queen
Spit on the nonbelievers
3 weeks ago (Feb 1st, 2018 13:45) View Profile | Offline
@Schye: b..but you make a good angel. XD

InkGlitched said:

«Ink Glitched Art»00o
«Deviant: InkGlitched»oo0
«rp search»

3 weeks ago (Feb 1st, 2018 13:47) View Profile | Offline
@Milkii: its cute af

@Ink Glitched: Thank youuu
3 weeks ago (Feb 1st, 2018 14:07) View Profile | Offline
Our artists have really stepped up their game <3
ily guys.
3 weeks ago (Feb 1st, 2018 14:37) View Profile | Online
Love the new TYIs!! And I'm so excited for the Valentine's event! One of my fave holidays~
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used to be auyu
3 weeks ago (Feb 1st, 2018 14:54) View Profile | Offline
@Schye: no u<3
@Ink Glitched: dang edgy avatar I like
3 weeks ago (Feb 1st, 2018 15:02) View Profile | Offline
@Milkii: thank you. ^-^
3 weeks ago (Feb 1st, 2018 20:10) View Profile | Offline
Wonderful job on the new items they are all lovely.
Sick so not around a lot
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