News: The Saphernan Leaflet [February]

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February's Leaflet
It's the month of love, everyone!

All of our main updates and information will always be located in the Announcement forums, be sure to look back, as you may have missed something! Stay tuned and keep reading for the fun stuff!


February Thank You Items
Thank you Beeline, Lost Tears, Rei Ann, and LittleWhiteDragonlet!

Floral Maiden

Thank you, Beeline!

Love Raptor

Thank you, Lost Tears!

TYIs will always be up for at least 1 month after their release.

For mail in donation inquiries please private message Fawn. PayPal allows alternate non-PayPal credit and debit purchases, as well as gift card.

If you have made a donation to Sapherna within the past six months and never received your "I Donated!" ribbon on your posts, please send a private message to Fawn.


Mini Development Updates


Fawn recently changed the way we view items in shops.
Instead of them ordering by alphabetical color name, we're now having them order by shade so you have an easier time picking out our newer color shades.

Any older items that have not been reuploaded to fill the current palette will not represent these changes.
Please bear with us as we begin the process of filling them in.
We will give updates as we finish them. :)

We currently have a glitch involving bugs in trades. See more information here.

Also, item sellback has been disabled for the time being. See more information here.


Site Updates

We've added a WIP version of a guide to our new Color Combination names! We plan to make it pretty and give it a theme, but we wanted to make it available to users in the meantime. There's lots of color combinations, and once we have everything figured out and update our older items, the guide will have them all listed!

Stay tuned for our Valentine's Day event + "Back to the Past" event, coming soon!

Development team is settled on new testing environment and beginning work projects!


Staff-Team Updates
Please give a warm welcome to...
as they join our team as a Developer!

as she joins our team as an Item Recolorist!

Sapherna Is Hiring!
We're in need of moderators, pixelists, developers and storyliners!

We'll always keep our application thread up to date so you know what we're always looking for!
We hope to see your application. :)

If at this time you have still not received a Discord message from Fawn about a pending application, please PM her with any inquiries.


Community Spotlight

Featured Hangout:
Zuzu's Zoo by @Zuzu: !

Featured Hangout:
Pastel Parlor by @SteamPoweredFox: !

Featured Quest
~The Fancy Quest~ by @DangerousWoman: !

Featured Mini-Shop
Dragon's Art Shoppe by @LittleWhiteDragonlet: !

Featured Art Gallery
Art goals gallery by @Ink Glitched: !


Helpful Links

Staff List
As always, if you have any questions about which users are staff please visit here.

Official Sapherna Tutorials
We keep all of our official Sapherna tutorials here! Let us know if we're ever missing anything!

Social Media

Be sure to check out our social media pages often for the most recent updates!

If you have any questions or comments please post them below!

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Tyi's look good..or at least one that i can see so far.
3 weeks ago (Feb 1st, 2018 00:40) View Profile | Offline
Oh my goodness. These items are fantastic! I especially like the eyes and hand poses of the Floral Maiden. Dem legs on the raptors... perfect fit for the bohemian tyg!
Thank you so much for making these.
I know you can hear my thoughts boy.
Meow meow meow meow
3 weeks ago (Feb 1st, 2018 00:47) View Profile | Offline
I love the legs but i'm so sad the flora cause the skirts and things layer over the legs. But fantastic work really on the mods. ^-^

InkGlitched said:

«Ink Glitched Art»00o
«Deviant: InkGlitched»oo0
«rp search»

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oh cool my hangout was one of the featured hangouts. :D
thank you. ^u^
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Bless you guys ❤
-Shop- Avis-

"It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live" - J.K. Rowling
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I see the artists getting better and better and it makes me super happy! Good luck for the future, you guys.
3 weeks ago (Feb 1st, 2018 11:59) View Profile | Offline
@Schye: and the first angel. XD I knew it was coming.

@Francesco: Makes me excited for other tyi's and what they may do. :3
3 weeks ago (Feb 1st, 2018 12:01) View Profile | Offline
@Francesco: Aww shucks, thank you. <3 We have a great team right now and we're trying to knock your socks off each month for items.
Definitely not a bunch of bees in a human suit.
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Im so happy to see you guys grow. These are really good and I can't wait to see what else you come up with
pastel queen
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