News: AOTW Winner - Black and White!

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It has been spectacular to see you Saphernans face this task of Black and White avatars head on, and showing us your best!

@SteamPoweredFox: Congratulations!!!

SteamPoweredFox, however, was the one who managed to combine the two tones the best!

Our theme for this week is Halftars, and I simply cannot wait to see how exactly you split this challenge!

If you think you have what it takes to become next winner of Avatar of the Week, check out the AoTW thread to review the rules and learn how to submit your avatar.

We are always looking for Guest Judges! If you'd like to have a hand in picking the winner of AotW, simply send me a message titled "Guest Judge", and you'll be added to our guest list!

Until next time, Saphernans! xoxo
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Whoa O: I was not expecting to win at all, I just entered on a whim for funsies... Thank you QwQ
Everyone here is so so so super sweet <3 Thank you to everyone <3
<3 come chat <3
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@SteamPoweredFox: Congrats!
Image Made by: Tuijp <3
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@SteamPoweredFox: Hey, congratulations!
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@SteamPoweredFox: omg

Congrats~! <3
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