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new small update
This front post is getting messier and messier with each update lol, but I'm updating it now to say that I made a ko-fi! If you want to support me and what I do, you can buy me a coffee over there. I also put some more info there, like what I do and rewards for buying me a coffee, so I recommend even just checking it out. Thanks for reading!

previous small update:
You may have noticed a shiny new ribbon on the side of my posts. Because of it, I may or may not be able to do art as often as I want to, but this thread will still remain open for those who want art from me anyway. It's still free with optional tipping for now, but may change to PWYW in the future. Thank you guys so much for all the interest you had shown in coming here!

I want to practice drawing with my intuos, so to do that I've decided to do some free art for people. I'm most comfortable with drawing humans/humanoids, but feel free to ask for art of other things. Not gonna do nsfw art though (including extreme gore because I find that uncomfortable)

I have examples of my art here . Please post at least one visual reference as much as possible so that working on your drawing is easier. Drawings may vary from sketches to finished art and from head/bust shots to full body pictures. Poses and angles and stuff may vary, too.

I will always be posting the finished art on my tumblr after I show it to you since I pretty much use it as my portfolio, but if you don't want me to post yours there, feel free to let me know. Also, while this is all free, ore/item(/or even irl money if you're generous lol) tips are very welcome.

currently working on:
- none atm

- oc art for Kat Dakuu
- avatar art for ITS YAAA BOII GUZMA
- avatar art for Sagittarius
- oc art for Kami
- oc art for xDeaa
- three kids for Poisoned rozlin
- avatar art for D Va
- oc art for Bill Cipher
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I do (free) art here
I also have a ko-fi now for if you wanna toss some money at me
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Ooh, your art is real cute!
Could I get a drawing of my character Katiri?
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@Ethylene: Your art is pretty darn adorable!!
Do you mind drawing my current avi on here?
Ping me if you need me to see something :)

Art of me by Ethylene
2 months ago (Jan 2nd, 2018 16:53) View Profile | Online
@Ethylene: is that my waifu
/touches sayori drawing
pastel queen
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@Ethylene: Hello! ^u^
Would you mind doing my current avatar (saved in this post)? I picture her as a flower goddess, very elegant and pretty in pastels <3

Art by Ethylene
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I'll get to all of these as soon as I can! I need to go out and do some stuff irl, but I'll start working on these once I get back.

@D va: the waifu u left hanging yes
2 months ago (Jan 2nd, 2018 23:13) View Profile | Online
@Ethylene: LMAO oh boi
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@Ethylene: Oh you have such wonderful art!
Can I get one of my Kujo?

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I made the banner.


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So can you do more then one person and can they be children?
1 month ago (Jan 3rd, 2018 04:58) View Profile | Offline
@Poisoned rozlin: I can definitely do children. I prefer to do just one character atm, but I suppose I could do up to two in one drawing, or maybe three if the resulting art isn't too complex.
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