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if it ain't in the title, I don't have it :p

Hi guys, first come first serve on the TYI bit.
You can only buy two at a time.
I'll be selling them for 5k each. (10k per set)
I'd like to sell them to people who don't have them yet. :)

Things I want are below.

Older TYIs
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ImageFairy Lights
ImageAngelic Guardian
ImageAncient History
ImageThe Emperor
ImageRose Warrior

Event items
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ImageImageForest People Leaves

-Shop- Avis-

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Borp. '3'
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@Schye: ohai. I can sell you a set of May and July as well as a summer cruise set. Offers?
You've been bamboozled!
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@Schye: I have a Suggah and Succubus that I don't use. You want, sis?
[Schye is my sis, Dovahkiin is my mule]
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@Airya: Hihi :o
I actually only need Suggah and Apprentice from those sets as I have the other two haha
If you're willing to sell those separately I'll definitely make an offer :)

@Lee: Yes pls
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@Schye: Okay. I'll send 'em ogre.
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