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Welcome to a more improved Roleplay search, I'm willing to do 1 on 1 and groups.
Feel free to poke around, offer ideas, or express interest in mine. :]
I enjoy role plays and this can help me develop my ocs much better.
My time zone is Central, I'm on usually logged in all day, just bouncing between chores the kids n here. I usually get off around 12-1 am. I wake up at 6:30 but I nap sometimes from 8:30 to 10am.

InkGlitched said:

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Role plays I wouldn't mind

Original plots Genre
Sci fi with fantasy
Slice of life

Silent hill

Witch hunter Robin
One Piece
Cowboy bebop
Fullmetal alchemist
Ghost in a shell
Attack on Titan
Rurouni Kenshin
Lord of the Rings

Current active rps
Modern Legend of Zelda-group
Illuminated Hearts-tink
Shifting Souls
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--bein used in modern Zelda role play--
Name: Haily Castle
Height: 5'5
Bio: revamping.

Original characters
Developing Ocs
---being used in modern Zelda role play----
Age: unknown
Bio: ---still working on, he is influenced by Zelda but can be used in varying rps
Is a botanist, and widely used for evil roles
too big
-Xia Hart
Abilities: knows martial arts, is a rooftop runner
Bio: will insert soon

Developing ocs
Name: Alexander [al] Swift
Occupation: cook
abilities: can box as well as he can cook, is particularly observant
Bio: Lives in New York running his own restaurant Glade, he likes to dress nice, and is polite to those he finds attractive. Has a bad habit of smoking when stressed out, but will suck on a lollipop when cooking. He grew up in utica, New York, till about ten years of age when he moved to New York, New York with his well off Uncle, who too was a chef. He lived a bit roughly at first, not accepting his uncle, but fell in love with his cooking, at 15 He started to learn the tricks of the trade and became a Cullinary Chef around 27, and is now devoted to Glade.
too big

Name: Starla Wilde
Height 5'4
Occupation: knight
Abilities: can produce magic, purely angelic based,
Bio: a girl who has no clue she's a nephlim, grown for years training to be a knight of Raloe, she gained some of her abilities as she grew. Being able to tell through a lie, being able to lift things without much effort, and the ability to sense when one she protects is in danger. The place where she is at, reveres her kind, often asking those born in such a way to sacrifice their lives in a war that has not ended with the demon lord of the East that rules Annular.

again too biggie

Name: Shana Rouge
Occupation: bodygaurd
Bio-still being constructed.
Likes: dogs, kiwi, and art
Dislikes: People, Sweets, and cats
Paticulars: tends to be fairly moody and cold, but warms up with time.
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Barely created
Name: Annabelle Mullberry
Occupation:Fashion Designer
Bio-working on.
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Plots I have thought of

Fantasy realism
Reveal hidden text

Five people find themselves on the run from a corporation bent on claiming artifacts that can bring the end of the world or save it. Each artifact gifts a person with a power to wield. (The hammer of thor grants the worthiest one power over the elements, the eye of rha allows one to see anywhere they need to [but with limited visions such as shapes], ) the staff of ceberus that allows one to awaken the dead.. etc.) it's up to these five people to get to the place first and lock it for the next hundred years to allow humanity to live, if they don't the corporation will try to use it for more greedier means.

Reveal hidden text

A group of people come together thanks to a supernatural show, to thwart demonic gates that are springing up everywhere. The group consists of a religious person, a medium, a camera man, and a mysterious woman with a cross shaped mark on her right eye.romance involved.
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Plots for existing fandoms:

Full metal alchemist:-have more than one, thanks to existing role play it helped me fashion some.

1. This is focused on a person bent on wanting to make a better world, but their own selfish desires get in the way, little do they know, he or she falls for someone who is more grounded, -hate turned to love kinda story
Mxm or mxf

**2. This one I'm hoping to try to make mini plots for, children of various alchemists can work for this... example winry and ed, mustang and riza, mei and al. Even ocs made separately from the main characters is fine but the plot is pretty detailed.
Sort of a growing up kind of role play and them finding what they want to pursue as alchemists, sub plots still thinking -would like more than one character for this, and full use of the main characters between the two.
-main bad guy- a teacher do sorts, well liked by the children. Feels betrayal-
-side plot- a man pursuing long life
-side plot- a man who has automail, wishes to make it possible and easier to do
-can the door be involved? -possibility, but depends on how we use this, and what the character represents for it to work

Mxm pairing for this- true love type
Fxm pairing for this-hate turned to love
----- some work

Characters I like to use
Rachel mustang--

Izumo Bane
Nathan Elliot
Teacher-Liam Strange
Blaine Bane- cousin to Izum
Ian- last name I'm working on can play bad or good character.

*3. Children of alchemists are already grown and in their respective places, a tragedy occurs, which warrants one to break from their life, the other is a state alchemist, who is investigating said tragedy
Fxm or mxm -betrayal involved.
* indicates most interest

One peice
-main characters are not the focus, the ocs will be but interactions with main characters is fine if done right,
1. The group can meet over time, and their goal is like everyone else to find one piece, sorta a grow and learn type role play.
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Now open.
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@ashbie:hey hon take a look at al and see if he will work for the rp?
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@Ink Glitched: Ou I think he'll work?
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