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9 months ago (May 4th, 2017 22:12) View Profile | Offline

Welcome! Since I'm making an effort to talk to more people, I figured it was time to make a hangout thread~


-I'm 22 (!!! birthday just happeeeeened)
-I'm queer af
-I'm an artist
-I'm a writer
-I'm an editor
-I'm a freelance artist
-I'm mentally ill ayo


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9 months ago (May 7th, 2017 14:37) View Profile | Offline
Is it okay for me the post in here already? Hello.
9 months ago (May 25th, 2017 14:41) View Profile | Offline
@Paper: hey! yeah, it's all good to post.

Sorry! Finals I kind of died over the past 3 weeks to study and procrastinate and make myself get a stress cold :D
9 months ago (May 25th, 2017 17:54) View Profile | Offline
@LittleWhiteDragonlet: That's fine, I hope you feel better.
9 months ago (May 28th, 2017 02:46) View Profile | Offline
@Paper: I do! Still kind of nauseous, but that's more of a 'not taking meds for anxiety and therefore not eating' thing than a sick thing...ANYWAYS HOW ARE YOU MY LOVELY FRIENDO?

also protip: set alarms on your phone so you don't FORGET ABOUT THE TEA YOU'RE MAKING FOR 3 H O U R S
9 months ago (May 28th, 2017 16:43) View Profile | Offline
@LittleWhiteDragonlet: I'm doing well. I hope you remember to take your medication and eat.
I do sometimes forget about my tea.
9 months ago (May 28th, 2017 18:18) View Profile | Offline
@Paper: yeeeeeee
Tea is made to be forgotten about tbh
9 months ago (May 28th, 2017 19:50) View Profile | Offline
@LittleWhiteDragonlet: In Asian cultures it's actually very common to just drink hot water, so they must have the tolerance for hot drinks.
8 months ago (Jun 8th, 2017 02:48) View Profile | Offline
@Paper: yeah that's true.
8 months ago (Jun 8th, 2017 03:52) View Profile | Online
I should try to be more social too x_x

Hello, how's it going? :3
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It'll be a lot more fun with you!

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