Market: [B] Rose Warrior

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1 year ago (Jan 6th, 2017 20:40) View Profile | Offline
Ores: 48

I'm searching to buy at least -

Image 2 Rose Warrior

Is anyone willing to sell to me?
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Shopping Notes:

Bought 3 Tribal Recolors from the Marketplace, just need one more and then to find other items I'm questing for and start on them 'nods'
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Saph Price Guide

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1 year ago (Jan 7th, 2017 16:44) View Profile | Offline
If anyones selling Tribal recolor or Rose warrior I'd be interested in buying.
1 year ago (Jan 7th, 2017 17:00) View Profile | Offline
@HoneyBee: I can sell you the tribal re colors.
1 year ago (Jan 7th, 2017 17:11) View Profile | Offline
@Wishing Fairy: how much per set ? i have 9610 ores and 15 berries.
1 year ago (Jan 7th, 2017 17:26) View Profile | Offline
@HoneyBee: I dont use berries really but I can do as low as 3k for an item so 6k a set. I haven't bought any yet but I have the sapphires.
1 year ago (Jan 7th, 2017 17:42) View Profile | Offline
um well lets see 9k would be.. three Tribal if possible?
@Wishing Fairy:
1 year ago (Jan 7th, 2017 19:46) View Profile | Offline
Mkay Guess taht's a 'not now' so.. is anyone else selling Tribal Recolor or Rose Warrior and if so would they please give me a price thei rlooking for so i can maybe buy from them.
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