Quest: A Bee's Quest

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First Quest Items:

Really after the Bohemian Chick items:

Bohemian Chick - (hair)
(Vest / Legs)

Feiseanna Dress

Clover Gentleman

Lucky Look

Those Who've helped

yes i did just think of this.

Underland - Image 1 Rose Warrior's.

Image Winter City: ~1300 - 2500

Image Image Image Image

Festive Carnival (Black): 500
Festive Carnival (Original): 500
Love Struck (White): 500 - 3000 Image
Love Struck (Black): 500


Lively Garden Donation Item 'squee' Another HUGE thanks again i love the butterflys.

Azul's Offering (Light): 1300 - 2000

Demonic Graves
TYI from July 2015
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redoing at some point
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@HoneyBee: Good Luck on your quest I am sure you will get these items!
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@DangerousWoman: 'snicker' you posted before iw as done but that's okay i'll just fit everything in two boxes then.
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@HoneyBee: I'm so so sorry! I will have someone delete it or move it!
@Theory: Not sure if you can do this, but can you move my post or delete it? Plz!
@Avox: Or you? ^
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@DangerousWoman: its fine hun that's why they made dividers 'pats'
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@HoneyBee: Phew glad you're not mad at me :)
Kairie pinged you btw
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i saw and responded.. kidna got high jacked looking up dividers and all..
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@HoneyBee: Yeah sorry, I saw your post. I will find some dividers! What are you into? Flowers?
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yep im doing flowers cause Honey Bee
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