Terms of Service

General Section

Terms of Use and Amendments

These Terms of Use may be downloaded to a hard drive or printed.

1.a. Sapherna reserves the right to amend or supplement these Terms of Use at any time. Unless otherwise later provided, amendments and supplements become effective at the time that they are posted. We may post a notice of impending or implemented amendments or supplements on any of our websites or send you an email, but we urge you to review the posted Terms of Use periodically for revisions.
1.b. If you do not wish to accept the Terms of Use as so revised in any material way, you may not terminate any subscription you may have under the Terms of Use. The original Terms of Use shall continue to apply as to any remaining rights or obligations concerning your relationship with Sapherna, your use of services and your purchases from Sapherna.
Third-Party Providers

These Terms of Use do not regulate any matters relating to the goods or services of third parties, including Internet access providers and any third parties whose goods or services you obtain for use on any of our websites or online games or whose goods or services may be obtained through links to any of our websites. Those providers should be consulted for information about their Terms of Use for the goods and services offered by them. If any third-party goods or services are obtained via an online store maintained by Sapherna, these Terms of Use shall apply as to our provision of those online store services for the purchase or delivery of those good or services.
Changes in Pricing

Prices for goods and services available through Sapherna websites may fluctuate and may change without prior notice.
In-Game Property

Sapherna is intended for personal enjoyment and not for use in connection with commercial enterprises. The purchase and sale of avatars and in-game property for real cash or in exchange for real goods or services or in any way other than within the game as part of authorized game play is prohibited. Please see below for further limitations, and please consult the Terms of Service for any online website that you access and play for any additional provisions.
Use By Minors

Sapherna is designed and presented for play by persons aged thirteen and older. Minors aged twelve and under should not be given access to Sapherna. Minors aged thirteen or older may establish accounts of their own, with the consent of their parents or legal guardians;we reserve the right to require proof of that consent at any time and to terminate access to any minor who cannot expeditiously provide it to us, to our reasonable satisfaction. If you are the parent or legal guardian of a minor who is thirteen or older, you may establish accounts for services for the child in your own name, but you may be held fully responsible for the child’s conduct in the use of the services, regardless if supervised or authorized by you.
Limitation of Liability

6.a. Sapherna, It’s parent and subsidiary entites, employees, shareholders, directors, representatives and affiliates cannot guarentee that websites and services shall be available when accessed or shall be error, virus, or bug free, and none of them shall be liable to you for any damages as a resultor any error, virus, bug, service outage or other adverse event as to any Sapherna game or website. Any claims to ordered goods shall only be honoered up to the value of the goods ordered. In no case shall Sapherna be liable for any special, incidental, indirect, punitive, or consequential damages from the use of our services. In the event that any of the listed Terms of Use shall be found contrary to the applicable law of jurisdiction, damages shall be limited to the maximum extent permitted by the law. However, some or all of the above disclaimers, exclusions, or limitations may not apply to you under applicable law, and you may have additional rights.
6.b. Sapherna shall not be responsible for any loss or damage directly or indirectly resulting from access or use of any linked website or other website accessed through any game or Sapherna website. The Terms of Use and other terms and restrictions provided by the owners and operators of those linked websites shall control regarding your visits to those websites, and you are urged to consult those materials prior to visiting or otherwise using any of those websites.
Intellectual Property and Offensive Content

7.a. All intellectual property associated with the Services, in whole or part, including, without limitation, any images, text, titles, computer code, themes, objects, characters, character names, stories, dialogue, catch phrases, concepts, artwork, animations, sounds, musical compositions, audio-visual effects, methods of operation, moral rights, documentation, character profile information, as well as copyrights, trademarks, service marks, patents, applications and registrations for the foregoing, and product names and trade dress are intellectual property owned by Sapherna, its licensors or vendors (together, the “Intellectual Property”).
7.b. All uses of Intellectual Property are governed by these Terms of Use, the Rules of Conduct and applicable law. None of the Intellectual Property may be copied, reproduced, republished, uploaded, re-posted, modified, transmitted, distributed or otherwise used in any way for any non-personal, public or commercial purpose without the prior written consent of the owner of Sapherna, as the case may be.
7.c. Services provided by Sapherna may allow you to post your comments, personal reflections, personal profile pages or media content such as photographs, sound recordings, image and text (together, the “Postings”). You represent and warrant (a) that you own or otherwise control all of the rights to your Postings, (b) that the Postings shall be accurate, (c) that use of your Postings will not cause injury or damage of any kind to any person or entity, and (d) that you indemnify and hold harmless Sapherna and its affiliates from and against all claims resulting from your Postings.
7.d. Postings made by you or other users exclusively reflect the personal views of the person making the post. We are not responsible in any way for their content, regardless of ownership of them. You may not post, upload to, distribute, or otherwise publish through any Sapherna game or website anything that is libelous, defamatory, obscene, threatening, invasive of privacy or publicity rights, abusive, illegal, or otherwise objectionable or that may constitute or encourage a criminal offense, violate the rights of any party or that may otherwise give rise to liability or violate any law. You also may not upload commercial content to any Sapherna game or website or use any Service or facility provided by or through Sapherna to solicit others to join or become members of any other commercial online service or other organization or to be associated with any project, cause, venture or position. Without limitation to the foregoing, the following are expressly prohibited:
7.d.a. You may not engage in offensive, sexist or racist comments or comments that are inappropriate to address to minors.
7.d.b. You may not glorify violence or promote hatred of others.
7.d.c. You may not make illegal or unauthorized copies or reproductions of any work that is protected by copyright or otherwise protected by law, including, without limitation, providing illegal computer programs or links to illegal computer programs, information for bypassing copy protection devices and illegal music files or links to illegal music files.
7.d.d You may not use any online game or other Services to send junk mail, chain letters or other unrequested mass mailings, messages that contain restricted pages or images or other content that can only be accessed with a password or that are otherwise wholly or partially concealed.
7.d.e. You may not advocate or promote immoral or criminal activities or incite or facilitate criminal activities, including, without limitation, the illegal purchase of weapons, child pornography, fraud, drug selling, gambling, stalking, spamming, spimming, the distribution of computer viruses and other harmful files, or require other users to disclose personal data or login information.
7.d.f. You may not conduct commercial activities or advertise, promote or operate any business in any way.
7.d.g. You may not upload or disclose any personal data or indicia of anyone else.
7.d.h. You are may not bypass technical measures put in place to protect the online game software by the use of devices, software or services that breach or bypass those protective measures, nor may you disassemble, modify or restructure software.
7.d.i. You must stay on topic to the topic of posting or otherwise allow the removal of your Posting or comment.

8.a. If any provisions of these Terms of Use should be or become invalid, that invalidity shall not affect the validity of the other provisions, which shall remain in full force and effect.
8.b. These Terms of Use, along with any applicable Rules of Conduct for any particular online website, constitute the entire agreement between you and us with respect to their subject matter, and they supersede all prior or contemporaneous communications, whether electronic, oral or written, between you and us with respect to their subject matter. Additional provisions may apply to the purchase of goods;you will have the opportunity to review and accept those provisions prior to the completion of any purchase.
Specific Services

Use of Sapherna

1.a. You are responsible for reading and familiarizing yourself with the Terms of Service and Use for Sapherna and to consult those rules from time to time to for changes.
1.b. Sapherna is designed to provide fun for many players for over a long period of time. Like all online games, Sapherna may be updated, adjusted, extended and amended at irregular intervals. As a subscriber, the version of the online website that is current at any time is the only version to which you will be provided access. Although Sapherna tries to provide that changes to an online game do not disrupt your in-game status or in-game assets, we cannot guarantee that disruption will not occur.
1.c. Sapherna may enable you to create individual personal profiles and to post other information that may be viewed by others. You should never upload any Posting or other information that you or anyone you know would object being viewed and passed along by others.
1.d. By participating in online website, you are playing in online websites with what may be a large number of other users who can observe your conduct on the website. Also, it may be possible, depending on how the online website is configured, to record and replay portions that include conduct by you. You should not engage in conduct that you do not want viewed and commented upon by others.
1.e. Sapherna may have in-game currency or other virtual items of value. Website currencies are not real money, and no website currency or other virtual asset of currency value may not be exchanged for real money or other real-world things of value. If you “purchase,”are “sold,”“credited,”“won,”or have “earned”currency or other virtual asset from Sapherna, you are not thereby the “owner of property”in the commonly understood legal sense of those words. What you will have received are limited licenses to game pieces designed to make the game more fun and challenging to play. Unless we should later provide otherwise in writing: (a) each license is personal to you and non-transferrable, solely for use of the in-game currency or other virtual asset within the particular online game, under these Terms of Use and the Rules of Conduct, for the duration of your subscription in the online game, and (b) the license expires with the end of your subscription or other granted right of access. To put it simply, and without limitation to any part of these Terms of Use: Sapherna is all about having fun and testing your skill;it is not about giving you the opportunity to make a profit.
1.f. It is Sapherna’s policy not to permit the transfer of accounts or avatars. The transfer of your website currency or other virtual assets, independently of the transfer of your avatar or account, to other users of the online website may only be made as provided in the Terms of Service of that online website and not outside the website, whether privately or by the use of a third-party facility such as an online auction service or agency. In particular, any such transfer in return for real-world financial benefits is strictly prohibited. Sapherna shall not be liable in the event of any loss or damage to your account, your avatar, website currency or other virtual assets occurring during or as a result of any authorized transfer.
1.g. Some content contained in online websites and associated websites may be created by other users. To the extent that any of rights to that content have not been transferred to Sapherna under these Terms of Use or the applicable Rules of Conduct, they may be the property of those other users, who may have continuing rights to them under applicable law. You may therefore be liable to them if you infringe on those rights. By way of example only, if an end user displays on a website his or her image, you may not use that end user’s image without permission.
Terms and Termination

2.a. The agreement set forth in these Terms of Use, as supplemented by the Rules of Conduct for any particular online game for which you have a subscription, shall remain in effect for the duration of your subscription.
2.b. Without limitation to any other rights provided for it under these Terms of Use or any applicable Rules of Conduct, Sapherna has the right to suspend or terminate your subscription and your right to access and use any Sapherna website due to your violation of these Terms of Use or applicable Rules of Conduct or applicable law, or if you shall be delinquent in making payments to Sapherna for any goods or Services. In the event of any such suspension or termination, even if rescinded, you may permanently lose website currency and other virtual assets that you had previously accumulated.
2.c. Sapherna reserves the right to decline to provide you with continued access to any online website on a temporary basis, including, without limitation, during the pendency of any investigation into your breach of the terms of these Terms of Use or applicable Rules of Conduct. If access should later be restored to you, your subscription will not be granted a fee credit for the period of the suspension.
Fees, Terms of Payment and Default

3.a. Premium Features may be offered for the various holidays or months. Details of Premium Features and fee schedules for them are provided on the website for the respective release of the feature or item.
3.b. Sapherna is subject to ongoing development. Sapherna therefore reserves the right to offer new Premium Features at any time and to discontinue old ones.
3.c. Before you are charged for a subscription for any online game, you will be shown the rates and the term of that subscription. Please note that subscription rates may vary by term provided. Rates do not include any applicable sales tax, which will be added and displayed before payment is accepted.
3.d. All incorrectly stated invoices, incorrect deliveries, incorrect quantities, and incorrect software should be reported immediately on receipt to Sapherna.
3.e. Sapherna accepts most standard methods of payment, Pay Safe Card, debit cards, bank transfers, and PayPal;we may change accepted methods of payment without notice. Sapherna may change the methods of payment it accepts at any time.
3.f. Sapherna shall be entitled to stop the provision of Services and block your account for nonpayment.
3.g. Sapherna reserves the right to perform a credit check. Any misuse of credit cards, debit cards or other methods of payment may result in the termination of your subscription and right of access to Sapherna websites either permanently or temporarily, with or without prior notice.
No Guarantee of Winning

4.a. Sapherna does not guarantee that any users will win any in-game prizes or other prizes, whether in connection with any sweepstakes or contest or otherwise. Rules about any offered prizes shall be provided in connection with the offer.
4.b. Sapherna reserves the right not to award any offered prize if it shall have a reasonable basis to believe that fraud or tampering shall have occurred with the prize-associated event or activity. You may be denied a prize or required to forfeit a prize if you breach these Terms of Use or any applicable Rules of Conduct.
Protection of Software

5.a. In Sapherna, we may use software to detect, monitor and prevent a variety of unauthorized activities, including hacking.
5.b. The complete, error-free function of any online game cannot be guaranteed.
5.c. If you wish to report any defects or errors affecting Sapherna or other electronic Services, send an email message, along with an error log of messages displayed.
Additional Duties and Obligations of Users

6.a. You are responsible for following the Rules of Conduct of Sapherna at all times. Any violation of those rules may result in the termination of your access to the online website, either permanently or temporarily, with or without prior notice, and the possible loss of your account and assets.
6.b. You are obliged to treat all passwords you receive from Sapherna as confidential and may not provide access to them to third parties.
6.c. Commercial solicitations, promotions and advertisements are not permitted in online games or in any associated activities.
6.d. Any breach of the duties listed above shall entitle Sapherna to delete the information that you have posted.
6.e. We ask that you report any abuse to Sapherna by sending in a ticket.
6.f. Never let anyone else have access to your account login or other access data. You may be held liable for the actions of others who obtain that access.
Ban of Unauthorized Scripts

You are not permitted to use software: (a) that places an excessive load on the servers operated by Sapherna, (b) that systematically or automatically execute commands or functions inside the online website (for example, bots or macros), or (c) that may be used to reproduce or analyze the online website or to reproduce or analyze elements or content of the online website.
Purchase of Virtual Goods

8.a. Your purchase of virtual goods and of services of Sapherna or third parties at Sapherna stores or elsewhere on Sapherna websites will be concluded by clicking on the “Order”, “Accept”, “Confirm”, or “OK” button.
8.b. The prices for goods purchased shall be those in effect at the time of purchase. Please note that prices obtained from cached sources may not be accurate. All prices on Sapherna stores or otherwise on Sapherna websites are exclusive of sales tax, delivery charges, discounts, and the values contained in promotional codes, valid coupons or credits, any of which may be applied prior to your review and acceptance at time of actual purchase. Sapherna is not responsible for errors in connection with the foregoing and shall have the right to void transactions in which it reasonably believes errors shall have occurred.
Payment Terms

10.a. You will be charged for virtual goods purchased through our websites at the time that you place your order.
10.b. If you select direct debit as a payment method and you do not have sufficient funds, you may be subject to an additional charge of ten dollars ($10) for collection per indecent. If you want to switch at any time to a different payment method that we accept send in a ticket.
Rules of Conduct

1.a. Not everyone can agree on what is said. Do your best to remain respectful to those players around you. If for whatever reason you do not agree, or dislike a player, do not argue.
1.b. Please do not duplicate a topic, it clutters up the forums and can make the Moderator’s job harder. Any duplicated topics will be closed and you will be directed to the original thread.
1.c. Try and keep the discussion on-topic as much as possible. If a thread gets out of hand, please do not get involved and contact a Moderator/Staff member as soon as possible.
1.d. Do not “shout”or CAPS. ANYTHING WRITTEN LIKE THIS is extremely irritating and has the potential to annoy other users. [This is a loose rule and will not always be enforced, however if you do it continuously, you will be warned.]
1.e. Disrespect, ‘bashing’, ‘hating’, or any other sort of harrassment against Sapherna will result in a warning, then a ban. If you don’t like it here, keep your comments to yourself and move on.
1.h. Racism, gender, sexual orientation or any other forms of discrimination are NOT to be posted.
1.j. If you have a problem with someone, please do not discuss it in topics, please message them via Personal Message.
1.k. Any spam posts will be deleted without notice.
1.l. Don’t triple post. Please edit your first post to add additional information. Any triple posts will be merged.
1.m. If you find a thread that is older than 10 weeks old, please do not post, as it is necro-posting and will be closed.
1.n. Please do not abuse the Support Ticket system.
1.o. Staff members are here to help you. They choose to be here to help you and under no circumstances are required to cater to you. If a staff member is disrespected in anyway, be it through cursing, rumors, slander, or anything of the such a player will be warned once, and reprimand hence forth.
1.p. People are here to enjoy themselves, do not sully that experience with player stalking, topic stalking, or anything resulting in the downsizing or unwanted attention to a player.
1.q. If for whatever reason you are banned from our forums making multiple accounts to get around it is prohibited and will result in both IP and Permanent bans.
1.r. Under no circumstances will flaming be tolerated. Any and all flame posts will be deleted. You will be warned, suspended, and banned if you repeat the action.
1.s. You may not argue against any Terms of Use or Service rule with staff personel. Anyone not following the Terms of Use or Service and abides the law may be subject to a warning or ban from using Sapherna services.
1.t. You may not scam any persons of items or currency.
1.u. You may not share accounts with any person and you may only have two accounts in total.
1.v. You may not impersonate staff or announce you’ve completed a staffs asigned job.
1.w. You may not beg staff for items, money and/or job positions.
1.x. The staff may act at their own discretion/free will and reserves the right to amend or supplement these Terms of Service at any time.
1.y. You agree that you will not cause disruption and/or bash an event in any way, shape or form.
1.z. Conversation between you and a staff member is strictly confidential and may not be replicated and/or quoted in any way.
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